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Pension and AIRRBEA Conference at Kolkata
Agitation Progrmme for Pension
Pension of RRB stoff and Days STRIKE
Pension of RRB stoff and Days STRIKE

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Though the nature of work / duties are similar to commercial Banks there is a vide variation in emoluments. Even the employees of RRBs are treated as out castes vis-à-vis in other Banks rural branches.

This state of affair will not encourage these employees to provide sincere and devoted service; Management of these banks should take remedial measures at an earliest. At the same time employees of these Banks should also bear in mind that for acquisition of rights and realization of economic demands the foremost requirement is to organize them selves into trade unions and be a part of working class and associate with wider trade union movement.

Formation of the All India Regional Rural Bank Employees association is just a beginning and a long way has to be covered with firm determination and sincerity for the fulfillment of the task shouldered.

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